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90 Degree Opening Doors

Automatic 90 degree opening door systems; business centers, public institutions, schools, hospitals, factories, businesses, etc. It is one of the most popular automatic door systems preferred for places. BAB Automatic 90 degree opening door systems, which have a wide range of applications from standard entrance doors to 90 degree building entrance doors, are subjected to various tests that meet the latest system international standards, and are produced with the highest quality materials and offer high performance and continuity.

90 Degree Automatic Doors provide convenience in application with their silent working electromechanical automation unit, as well as its compact structure and aesthetic design with a stainless steel body. Our automatic 90 degree opening door system, which makes it possible to install with apparatuses suitable for all kinds of situations in existing doors, offers a very rich range of arms (push, pull or parallel pull arm, etc.) that provide the connection between the motor unit and the wing. With rich accessory options, it is possible to install the automation wherever appropriate, on the beam, wall or frame in the opening direction of the wing or on the opposite side. If there is no wall, beam or a frame of sufficient height on the door leaf, it is easily possible to apply the automation system on the wing in a way that moves with the wing.

Wing Carrying Capacity: 180 Kg
Blade Width: DW = 500mm – 1400mm
Voltage: AC 220 v+-10%. 50 -60 Hz
Opening Closing Speed: 2.5s – 10s (controllable)
Opening Waiting Period: 0-9 s (controllable)
Pressure Power: 80N
Manual Open Force: 30N
Working Temperature Range: -20 degree ve +50 degree

Automatic 90 Degree Opening Door Options

  • All Rail Color
  • All Eloxal Color
  • Stainless Steel Profile
  • Stainless Steel Plating
  • All Color Options
  • Different optional glass and color options

Frequently asked questions

Automatic doors, as we know, are very useful thanks to their automatic opening and closing feature. They are preferred systems in many places such as supermarkets, hotels, public institutions, hospitals, shopping malls. You can choose us for automatic door ankara applications.
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Our Automatic Door applications are under the guarantee of Bab Door and free service repair support is provided except for user error. We also provide service repair services for products other than our company. In case of any service need you may experience regarding Bab Door products or applications, our staff will provide you with a return to you in a short time. You can contact us for detailed information about Automatic Door Ankara Service.
BABDOOR branded photocell doors can be used in places where there is a heavy entrance and exit traffic, as well as in places where the indoor and outdoor air environment is desired to be separated from each other quickly. Depending on where the application is made, it adds aesthetics and functionality to your building with different opening systems. It has the feature of silent operation with domestic or imported motors and has a long life. Photocell door mechanisms have ISO 9001 and CE Quality certificates.


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