otomatik kap? ankara

Our company, which was established in 2011, started applications in photocell door production and assembly. Our company has been conducting R&D studies on the automation working logic of sliding automatic doors among those people since its establishment.

We produce in line with the needs of public and private sector organizations in line with special dimensions and needs. We have certified our quality in terms of production quality and conformity with CE, ISO 9001 and TSE certificates. Our company meets the needs of the automatic doors it produces within its own structure. All we have extensive sales and service network in Turkey.

Our Mission

To always provide the best products and services to our customers with an innovative and pioneering approach in all matters. To offer environmentally friendly and low-energy products by prioritizing environmental awareness. To make Completely Domestic Production in accordance with the interests of our country.

Our Vision

In Turkey and international arena, leaders, and wanted to be a reliable brand in the global market. To increase the global market share in order to achieve profitable and long-term growth.

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Years of Experience

We serve with a years of experience and development.

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Completed Project

We offer our applications with solid and safe structures.

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Happy Customer

We work by prioritizing to customer satisfaction.

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We succeed with customer satisfaction and solid production.


Automatic Door

Required discovery, analysis, the most suitable material, price, montage and most importantly after sales support opportunity for solutions you need in automatic door applications. Everything as required with us. BAB DOOR is stronger with growing customer portfolio.

otomatik kap? istanbul
otomatik kap? ankara

Automatic door systems are highly preferred thanks to their easy opening and closing system.

otomatik panjur istanbul
otomatik panjur ankara

Automatic blinds are systems that are easily preferred from the past to the present.

garaj kap?s? istanbul
garaj kap?s? ankara

The garage door is preferred because of its safety and ease of use.


Frequently asked questions

Automatic doors, as we know, are very useful thanks to their automatic opening and closing feature. They are preferred systems in many places such as supermarkets, hotels, public institutions, hospitals, shopping malls. You can choose us for automatic door ankara applications.
Automatic door applications are systems that can vary according to your preference and the area you want to use. If you do not have enough information about automatic door prices, you can visit us or call us.
Our Automatic Door applications are under the guarantee of Bab Door and free service repair support is provided except for user error. We also provide service repair services for products other than our company. In case of any service need you may experience regarding Bab Door products or applications, our staff will provide you with a return to you in a short time. You can contact us for detailed information about Automatic Door Ankara Service.
BABDOOR branded photocell doors can be used in places where there is a heavy entrance and exit traffic, as well as in places where the indoor and outdoor air environment is desired to be separated from each other quickly. Depending on where the application is made, it adds aesthetics and functionality to your building with different opening systems. It has the feature of silent operation with domestic or imported motors and has a long life. Photocell door mechanisms have ISO 9001 and CE Quality certificates.


With the highly preferred automatic door systems, photocell door, hermetic door, telescopic door, ninety degree opening door, automatic revolving door, automatic shutter, automatic shutter, garage door, garden door, sectional door, fast PVC door, fire shutters, loading ramps, We have a wide range of services such as barrier systems.

You can contact us for detailed information about automatic door applications, systems, prices, service and repair services.