hermetik kapı ankara
hermetik kapı ankara
hermetik kapı ankara

Hermetic Door

Hermetic (hospital) doors are 2 types as semi and full hermetic. These special doors, which serve to provide hygiene and air tightness, especially with their semi or full sealing feature, are called operating room doors because they are frequently used in operating rooms, but they are designed for food rooms, laboratories, places where clean and hygienic insulation is required. Window can be preferred optionally.


  • Code Panel
  • Mushroom Button
  • Hand Sensor
  • Radar Sensor

Positive Seal

Hospital doors have hermetic closing feature. It is of stainless steel quality as a surface. Doors are rust-free, easy to clean and most importantly hygienic.

It is protected against bacterial growth.

The sound insulation level greatly reduces the noise and works quietly.

The following features are sought in hermetic doors used in environments such as operating rooms, medical laboratories (except rooms where UV rays are used and x-ray rooms)

High air and heat insulation (tightness)

The coatings used are antibacterial and prevent spore formation

It is homogeneous and not affected by water.

It is resistant to acid, hygienic cleaners and similar abrasive materials.

It is resistant to impacts and scratches

It does not lose its feature for many years.

Hygienic equipment used in access systems (hand proximity sensors, knee-elbow buttons, etc.).


Frequently asked questions

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